Monday, December 14, 2015

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  • PBS Bidding Reminder - LUS
  • Updated Crew Portal Guide - LUS
  • New PBS Training Videos - LUS
  • New PBS Web Based Training Coming Soon - LUS

PBS Bidding Reminder - LUS

PBS Bidding for January 2016 closes on Wednesday, December 16 at 11:00am EST / 09:00am MST. Bids will be awarded by Sunday, December 20 at 11:00am EST / 09:00am MST. See Revised Timelines for January Bid Month.

The table below indicates the number of Flight Attendants on all pairings which are scheduled to touch each of the days in the January bid month. This means that at least this many Flight Attendants will be scheduled to fly on each of these days in the CLT, DCA, PHL and PHX bases. When placing your January PBS bid, please be sure to keep your base seniority in mind. When entering a bid you should consider that this number does not include planned absences (including Vacation) nor Flight Attendant legalities which are carried in from the previous 6 days. Due to prior month legalities, some Flight Attendants may not be legal to work on the first few days in January. If your seniority will require that you fly during the holiday period, it is always a good idea to enter your trip preferences rather than to allow the computer to assign your working days.

Reserve Flight Attendants: Approximately 85% of Reserves will be scheduled AVL on the first three days of January. Please note, fewer MD and GD days will be available during this period, so please plan your bids accordingly.

Here are the number of Lineholders and Reserves in each domicile and pairings which are scheduled to touch each day:

Here are the number of Flight Attendants on all pairings which are scheduled to touch the following days in the January bid month:

Updated Crew Portal Guide Available on Wings and FA Tablets - LUS

The Crew Portal Guide, covering PBS, ISAP, Reserve Bidding and ETB, has been updated and reformatted making it easier to read and find information you need quickly. The updated guide has been pushed to the document library on your Flight Attendants tablet and placed in the bidding section of Wings. 
Printed copies of the guide will be available in Crew Service Centers beginning Thursday, December 17. If you would like a hard copy version, please stop by your local base service center and pick one up. The guides can be placed in binders which were provided to every Flight Attendant earlier this year. For future updates, individual pages will be printed and made available at each base. Electronic copies will update automatically, however, if you prefer to use a printed version, be sure to remove and replace outdated pages as revisions are provided. 
All previous versions of the Crew Portal Guide, both printed and electronic, should be discarded. 
New PBS Training Videos - LUS

New PBS related videos have also been pushed to the FA tablet library (Flight Service Training / PBS Videos), Flight Service website (Media / Training Videos / PBS), and Wings (Flight Service / Bidding). Each video addresses a different topic and offers a quick and easy way to learn more about a particular PBS function. Additional videos will be added early next year. 
New PBS Web Based Training Coming Soon - LUS

In the next several weeks, the Company will introduce a short Web Based Training (WBT) that will review some of the top Preferential Bidding questions received by the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC), formerly known as the FARC. The training will contain high level, easy-to-understand information that you can incorporate into your bidding strategy to improve individual bid results.  
These new resources will help you navigate Preferential Bidding and the other scheduling applications you use every day. If you have any questions about PBS and related systems, please contact your Flight Service Manager or PBS trainers and base support teams.

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