August 10, 2015
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National Communications Chair

Please join me in welcoming the interim National Communications Chair Brian Clark. Brian currently serves as Vice President of the Phoenix base. His previous experience includes a stint as LUS Communications Chair. He has also managed – very effectively – LUS communications throughout the merger, negotiations, and contract implementation. Brian has a great working relationship with APFA leadership, a solid understanding of our union’s structure and constitution, and a firm handle on our Contract. 

As we welcome Brian, I also ask that you help me thank Leslie Mayo for her years of exceptional work and dedicated service to APFA and wish her the best in her new position. And in response to any questions about policy, please note that just as when anyone resigns their position at APFA, their access to proprietary information is removed, access to APFA headquarters is restricted, and passwords to email and websites are changed.



Laura Glading
APFA National President
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