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Thursday, November 19, 2015

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December PBS Bid Award Update #2 - LUS

It has been confirmed that the December PBS run exposed an error in the AOS PBS application that resulted in mis-awards for a small percentage of Flight Attendants across all four LUS bases. The Company's first consideration was to simply re-run the PBS process to correct the problem. However, the vendor was not able to assure the Company that their change to PBS would completely correct the issue. As a result, the Company decided to allow the ETB to open and allow the majority of Flight Attendants who were not impacted to trade trips. The Company is currently validating the potential mis-awards. Once the analysis has been completed, all affected Flight Attendants will be personally notified and provided with a remedy.

To assist in responding to Flight Attendant questions about their bid award, the Flight Attendant Resource Center (FARC) is available to provide assistance. The FARC can be reached at 480-693-8232 or 800-327-0117, option 2 followed by option 8. If you have already submitted your issue with the FARC, it is not necessary to call again. Your issue will be answered by the FARC as soon as possible.   


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