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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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  • Gate Relocation at DFW for LUS Metal Flights
  • Telephone Town Hall Meeting
  • MyFlight App Enhancements Now Available on Flight Attendant Tablet
  • Subscribe to APFA Local Base Hotlines


Gate Relocation at DFW Int'l for LUS Metal Flights

American Airlines is in the process of moving all mainline operations at DFW Int'l into Terminals A, C, and D.

LUS metal flights will be moved from Terminal E to Terminal C.

  • Monday, Nov. 9th – The LUS Remain Overnight (RON) Flights will arrive at Terminal C.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 10th – All LUS metal flights will depart and arrive out of Terminal C.


The American Airlines Flight Academy and Learning Center has a pick-up and drop-off point at DFW, Lower Level, C Gates 24 area. The security entry point at C-17 is a Known Crewmember checkpoint which operates each day from 0430-2100.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting - Tuesday, November 17  

APFA National President Marcus Gluth, National Officers & Department Chairs, along with members Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) will be hosting a Telephone Town Hall Conference on Tuesday, November 17th at 4pm EST (3pm CST/1pm PST). The telephone conference will consist of a short presentation followed by a live Questions and Answers session, focusing on Contract implementation of the 2014 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA).

All members are welcome to join the call. The Town Hall Conference call-in number is 855-269-4484.

MyFlight App Enhancements Now Available on Flight Attendant Tablet

In connection with the recent Passenger Service System (PSS) cutover, the MyFlight App on the Flight Attendant tablet has been updated with new features. 

What are the new features available on the MyFlight App?

  • Flight arrival/departure time and gate information
  • Full customer list, including premium customers and non-revenue passengers
  • The ability to see exactly what to comp to EP/CK customers by tapping on the seat or customer’s name
  • The ability to filter for special services, pre-ordered meals and pre-paid drinks
  • Ability to update all information while on the ground via 3G/4G connection


What are the additional features coming in early 2016?

  • Ability to update information inflight via aircraft domestic Wi-Fi
  • Connecting gate information


Please Note: You will need your AA User ID and Jetnet password to log in.

Please try to refresh the MyFlight information as close to door closing time as possible in order to receive the most up-to-date customer and non-revenue traveler information prior to departure.

Are you having issues? It is best to report them immediately to Stratix at 1-800-343-0343 (DOM) or 678-992-2920 (INTL).

Subscribe to APFA Local Base Hotlines

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APFA National Communications Interim Chair

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