Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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  • 401(k) Blackout Period Ends - LAA/LUS
  • Hector Adler On An Early Out Buyout Rumors - LAA/LUS


401(k) Blackout Period Ends - LAA/LUS

Fidelity has completed the transfer of our 401(k) funds to the new fund options. If you did not make a different selection during the selection window, your funds have been put into the Tier 1 Target Fund based upon your age. If you would like to make a different selection, such as Tier 2, 3, of 4, you may now login at www.netbenefits.com/aa and make those changes.

You may also call the American Airlines 401(k) Service Center at 800-354-3412.

Hector Adler On An Early Out Buyout Rumors - LAA/LUS

In his October 30, 2015 Hector’s Perspective Hotline, Hector had the following response to persistent buyout rumors:

Flight Attendant Staffing 

I want to dispel a rumor I’m hearing on the line about the company offering a potential buyout program to flight attendants. This is not only inaccurate but is also contrary to the staffing plans underway. Buyout programs are typically offered when the airline is faced with an over-staffing situation which could potentially lead to involuntary furloughs. We actually need to hire new flight attendants to meet our future flying needs; therefore, a buyout program would not be appropriate in our current operational environment.


APFA will keep encouraging the company to consider the value to the company of a buyout offer for our senior flight attendants, but it does not look like they are considering it right now.

Patrick Hancock
APFA Retirement Specialist

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