Friday, October 16, 2015

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Relief Bidding During the Holidays - LAA

As we approach the holiday months of November and December, it’s a good time for a refresher on Relief Bidding. The most frequently asked question is, “Why did they plot a trip in the vacation period of a relief line?” The answer surprises a lot of Flight Attendants. Only the Duty Free Periods in the vacation period are protected. That means you can be plotted on any Days Off scheduled that fall on the line during the vacation. Additionally, No Pre plot and Duty Free requests are NOT honored for relief lines.

Relief Bidding Article

It’s also the first Winter holiday season with combined operations. We recommend you back yourself up by bidding more than normal, as Flight Attendants tend to bid differently in these months. It’s better to hold a line of your choosing rather than being assigned a bid if you are not able to hold anything in your ballot.

Finally, Reserves should back themselves up with Regular selections, as some Flight Attendants bid onto reserve in November to avoid the possibility of December reserve and could force a more junior Flight Attendant off of reserve by exercising senior bump.

Jaimie McNeice
APFA National Scheduling Chair

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