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July 27, 2015
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Today, APFA President Laura Glading will be meeting with Passenger Service Representatives to work on resolving First Come-First Served (FCFS) travel issues experienced primarily with the LUS Flight Attendants as well as clarifying procedures the combined workgroup. The goal is to ensure a consistent policy is applied throughout the company. We will update this hotline with more information when it comes available.

OEs and Sick Time

To clarify, the only thing that changed with the new contractual provision contained in Section 9 is that OEs will be paid when Flight Attendants call in sick and have available sick time.

Family Leave can be applied to an OE and be paid with sick time. However, the usage of PVDs/VC/VX is not available to cover an OE.

Speaker Trades to NRT and ICN

Due to the company's recently-announced increase in speaker requirements beginning in August of 2015 to NRT and ICN, it may be necessary for Flight Attendants desiring to trip trade in July to contact Crew Schedule for assistance in completing the trade while the current parameters are still in place.

Leslie Mayo
APFA National Communications Chair