June 26, 2015



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  • ETB Now Operational
  • Position Selection and the CSD
  • August 2015 Bidding Information



ETB Now Operational 

After numerous network issues that impacted access to the Electronic Trade Board today, it is now operational. As of 17:45 EDT/14:45 MST, network issues impacting the ETB have been resolved.

These issues were not isolated to the Legacy US Airways Flight Attendant group. Other departments in the Company were experiencing similar challenges related to this network problem. All other Crew Portal functions are currently available.

Position Selection and the CSD

Recently there has been some confusion regarding “position selection” among PHL, CLT and DCA Flight Attendants during pairing origination. Most of the confusion pertains to the Cabin Service Director (CSD) position with the CLT and PHL domiciles. The Contract language referenced below is cited from the currently active section of the “RED BOOK” and concerns only CLT, PHL and DCA domiciles.  The position selection language in the new JCBA will not be implemented until FOI (Flight Attendant Operational Integration) which may have caused some of the confusion. 

Currently, a Flight Attendant owns the position only if awarded the trip and position from PBS. If a position on a pairing was picked up by using ETB or ISAP/AIL, a Flight Attendant can be bumped from the position within the appropriate time lines before departure for domestic, NTI and TI destinations. A CSD position can only be picked up by a CSD qualified Flight Attendant. However, if there is a more senior CSD qualified Flight Attendant on the same pairing, the more senior CSD qualified Flight Attendant may take the CSD position, provided the current CSD Flight Attendant on the pairing was not the original PBS award holder for the position.


August 2015 Bidding Information

Training Bid:
• August 2015 Training Bid Opens:  July 2 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
• August 2015 Training  Bid Closes:  July 8 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
PBS Bidding:
• August 2015 PBS Bidding Opens:  July 10 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
• August 2015 PBS Bidding Closes:  July 16 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
• August 2015 PBS Bids Awarded:  July 18 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
• Awards posted on CATS: July 19 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST
PBS Mis-awards Due to System or Company Error:

• Any Flight Attendant who has an inquiry or believes she/he may have received a mis-award shall notify Crew Scheduling no later than the 1200 on the 23rd of the month, or, if on vacation, within twenty-four (24) hours of return from her/his vacation.

Electronic Trade Board (ETB):
• August 2015 ETB Opens: July 19 – 1200 EDT / 0900 MST

Iterative Schedule Adjustment Process (ISAP) – Daily Process:
• August 2015 ISAP Opens: July 25 – 0600 Local Base Time
• Closes for Processing: July 30 – 2000 Local Base Time
• August 2015 ISAP Re-opens: July 31 – 0800 Local Base Time
Reserve Assignment – Daily Process:
• Open for August 2015 Bids: July 24 – 1500 Local Base Time
• Closed for Processing:  July 31 – 1500 Local Base Time
• August 1 results posted:  July 31 – 1930 Local Base Time

Reserve Trading Days Off – Daily Process:
• Open for Bids: July 25 – 0600 Local Base Time
• Closed for processing: July 30 – 2000 Local Base Time
• Re- opens:  July 31 – 0800 Local Base Time

Vacation Extension (VEX) Requests for September:
• July 19 – 31 via VEX Form on Wings - Flight Service - Lines & Pairings (Bidding) page
• A Flight Attendant who is scheduled for at least seven (7) consecutive vacation days may elect to place up to a total of four (4) days off BEFORE or AFTER, or SPLIT on either side of such vacation. The days off will act as a pre-planned absence and will carry NO pay or credit. Such days off will be counted toward the Reserve’s scheduled Golden Days. Such block of four (4) days, or portion thereof, may be extended into the next bid period.

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