May 29, 2015



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  • Letter of Agreement Regarding Sick Charge - LUS
  • Reserves Calling Out Of Time
  • Reserves Picking Up ETB Trips After Calling Out of Time



Letter of Agreement Regarding Sick Charge - LUS

When a Reserve calls in sick, under the Sick usage section of the 2013 CBA (Section 9-D-2), they may or may not be immediately charged sick time. APFA and the Company have reached an agreement to determine how the contractual language shall be applied.

The bottom line is a Reserve will only be charged sick time if they already had an assignment on their schedule or Scheduling determines they would have been utilized by Daily Scheduling.

Here is how Crew Scheduling will determine if a Reserve would have been utilized:

1) A pairing/OPR was awarded/assigned by Future Scheduling. This is the easy one - you received a pairing from Future - you would have obviously been utilized.

2) If a RAP was awarded and Daily Scheduling reached the spot previously occupied by the reserve on the call out order (RAP + ASG Indicator ("click") + days of availability).

If a pairing was already placed on the Reserve's schedule (by Future Scheduling or Daily Scheduling), the Reserve will be charged sick time for the duration of the pairing. For example, if a 3-day, 17-hour trip was on your line, you would be marked sick for 3 days and your sick bank would be charged 17 hours.

If no pairing was placed on the Reserve's schedule, but their spot on the call out order was reached by Daily Scheduling, the Reserve will be marked sick for that day and their sick bank will be charged the appropriate one day rate (4.30 for a 30-day month or 4.16 for a 31-day month).

If it is determined that the Reserve would not have been utilized by Future or Daily Scheduling, they will not be charged sick time. If you are sick, it is important to notify scheduling as soon as possible (i.e. Prior to a trip being placed on your schedule).

Letter of Agreement - Reserve Sick Charge



Reserves Calling Out Of Time

For the June 2015 bid month, Reserves in CLT, PHL and PHX are able to call out of time at 88:01 as a result of the 93-hour Flex month.


Reserves Picking Up ETB Trips After Calling Out of Time

The ETB will now allow Reserve Flight Attendants calling "Out of Time", the ability to pick up trips without having a manual override by Crew Scheduling.

Jaimie McNeice
APFA Scheduling Chair

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