April 24, 2015

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MIC Procedures -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Due to cancellations as a result of inclement weather or volcanic ash for example, it’s important to be familiar with the current Misconnect / Illegality / Cancellation (MIC) procedures. Flight Attendants will be protected for the original line guarantee or adjusted guarantee if the contractual language is followed.
If a MIC happens mid-sequence, the applicable guarantee is protected. For all other MIC events when held for days originally scheduled to fly (DOSTF), make sure to be on the MU list and to participate in the HISEND MU round prior to each day of cancellation or illegality. If there are no specific trips of interest, simply state, "Plot to protect guarantee," if you wish to be protected. Assignments resulting from a MIC must originate on a day originally scheduled to fly and cannot conflict with duty free periods or future assignments but do not have to fit within the original "footprint" of the trip.
Please refer to the On Duty Contract Guide https://apfa.org/images/contract/ODCG-121713.pdf and the flow charts on the scheduling page at https://www.apfa.org/departments/103-scheduling for a more detailed explanation.

Jaimie McNeice
APFA National Scheduling Chair